Our exclusive education program allows future high-end stylists to get a feel for working in a high-volume, luxury salon environment. We take a simple, fluff-free approach to education (and to our work), and believe that complicated doesn’t mean good.

At Max and Ro, we believe that you deserve to be happy and wealthy in your career without having to work yourself to the bone, and most importantly, being a drama-free, stress-free, high-earning stylist that spends your days doing what you love surrounded by people that you love. Max & Ro is your biggest support system to reach levels in your career that you didn’t think were possible.

On the surface, our approach to hair is simple–do good work to see good results. In practice, this looks like…

  • Learning to communicate EFFECTIVELY with clients to deliver everything they’re hoping for and more. No more confusion, communication breakdowns, or unaligned appointments.
  • Creating custom maintenance plans for each client, so they feel cared for an on-track for their future hair goals.
  • A process, experience, and results that have your clients continually visiting you, and leaving you RAVING reviews.
  • Gaining new clients through referrals, so you don’t have to spend more time than necessary tracking down new leads.
  • Create intentional space in your business to hold all of your dreams and possibilities.

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Our 15-month assistant training program allows you to gain expert-level experience working alongside our founder, and the entire Max & Ro team. Spend 20 hours per week shadowing us, practicing and refining your skills, and establishing tight-knit relationships with clients and peers. If you are serious about building a career as a luxury stylist who specializes in modern, natural cuts, coloring, and extensions, then the Max & Ro assistant program is the perfect first step.

  • 15-month program with 20 hours required per week
  • Build your clientele as you grow your skills
  • Limited spots available per year

At the end of your time in our assistant training program, you will transition into your next level of employment within M+R. 


Want to experience first hand what a day at M+R is like?

Spend a day alongside our founder and experience exactly what it’s like to be a salon owner and stylist balancing a high-touch client experience with a full staff. Typically reserved for long-term assistants, this experience is a rare opportunity to follow Alisha through a day of client work and pick up on new techniques, ideas, and tips to make you the best stylist you can be. Shadow Days are like tapping into 10+ years of hands-on experience in just one day.

  • An immersive experience that allows you to step into a busy salon environment and learn on the job.
  • See how I simplify color application, train my assistants to read my mind, prioritize retail, create a maintenance plan for my guests that keeps them coming back, and so much more.
  • 6 hours of shadowing, with plenty of opportunities for questions and conversations (plus coffee and lunch on me!)
  • Limited shadow days available per month.

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At Max & Ro, we’re rewriting the tired stereotypes of what being an employee at a salon means! Working as a commission stylist with us is a dream come true for up and coming artists:

Commission Stylist

  • The education is juicy (spoiler: it’s everything you wished you learned in beauty school and more)
  • The team is dreamy (no drama, only friendly competition and a girl gang of coworkers to support you every step of the way)
  • The clientele is aligned (if modern blonding, luxury cuts, and elevated hair extensions are your thing)
  • The salon leader is supportive and truly wants the TEAM to flourish, together.
  • Tier commission pay scale with bonuses, incentives, and unlimited growth potential.

Tier commission pay scale with bonuses, incentives, and unlimited growth potential.

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All the perks of running your own business–freedom over your schedule, client management, customized color selection, and control over your business decisions. But, with the added perks of immersing yourself in the Max & Ro culture, a team environment, a high-end space, the hands-on education you crave, ongoing training and quarterly strategy sessions to keep your vision and business on track to experience mind-blowing growth.

This is for the stylist that has been working independently and sees all the possibilities of what a career behind the chair could look like for them. With a strong vision for the direction of their business, all that’s missing is a supportive team and strong guidance.

Part time & full time chair rental available.


Elite Independent Stylist:

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Your passion for hair is a given. Now, it’s time to master the art of building a career that pays the bills without burning you out, filling your roster with clients that become your BFFs, and learning the signature techniques that will have people sharing your name with everyone they know.

Frequently Asked Questions about WORKING AT Max + Ro

How many assistants do you accept per year?

We currently accept 1-2 assistants per year.

How long is the assistant training program?

Our assistant training program is 15 months long. In order to complete the program, we require you to be in the salon a minimum of 3 days per week.

Will I be able to take clients as an assistant?

Yes! As soon as you pass basic training you’ll be able to jump behind the chair and see your own clients part time.

What are the benefits of joining the Max & Ro assistant program?

Not only do you get access to the accumulated knowledge and skill of Alisha and the entire M&R team, but you also get the hands-on experience of learning in real time, as you navigate the ins and outs of becoming a successful stylist.

What qualifications do I need to join the assistant program?

In order to enroll in our assistant training program you need an Oregon Hair Design license and an eager, excited attitude! We are looking for people who are hard working, eager to learn, okay with a 15-month commitment, and fun AF (because it’s a hair party every single day at Max & Ro).

What is the difference between a Styling Assistant and Commission Stylist?

Styling Assistants and Commision Stylists are similar in terms of education and team involvement. The key difference is the additional, real time experience that you get while assisting an artist. You also get more direct, hands-on experience that can help you develop and refine your skills at a faster rate.

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